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COVID-19 Information

Updated 28 May 2020

From 12:00pm on 29 May, gatherings of up to 100 will be allowed for funerals and tangihanga.

A funeral or tangihanga must meet the following requirements:

  • Funerals and tangihanga are capped at 100 – no longer a specific category of gathering.

  • Registration of intended service: No longer required. 
  • Contact Tracing:  Detailed records for the purposes of contact tracing must be collected from attendees, to include:  full name, a phone number or email, date of entering business, time in and out.  The requirement to collect a residential address has been removed.

  • Hygiene:  Hand hygiene is strictly adhered to, with hand sanitizer available to all attendees. 

  • Food & Drink: No restrictions on serving food and drink applies.

  • Physical Distancing: No restrictions on physical distancing applies. 

  • Duration of gathering: It is recommended (but not required) to keep it short (under two hours).

  • Multiple groups of 100 are okay, provided they are in separate ‘defined spaces’ with no ability to mingle between groups. Contract tracing must be done for the multiple groups. For example; you could put the overflow in a separate venue and livestream however these 2 groups must not mix. 

  • Liable: The Funeral Home manager/owner is liable for a breach of the 100 person cap or the contact tracing requirements through an infringement offence. 

  • Outside the Funeral Home: If post-funeral food & drinks is being held at a hospitality establishment then the relevant business and service rules will apply there.  

Contact your local FDANZ Funeral Director who will be able to assist you with the planning and preparation of a funeral or tangihanga during this time. 

The Ministry of Health will be issuing further information on what to do during Alert Levels 2 and 1 over the coming weeks on their website here

Grief Support

In this unprecedented national situation, not being able to have a funeral, tangi or farewell gathering for a loved one or friend is extremely distressing and painful. It seems all wrong. However, until such time as restrictions are lifted and gatherings are possible again, it’s unfortunately part of the new normal in New Zealand.

This lockdown time will eventually pass, but in the meantime your Funeral Director can let you know about the options available for the care of your loved one right now. They can also discuss with you options for gatherings to honour the person’s life at a later date.

Although a lot is out of your control right now, there are still some things you could choose to do to honour and farewell your loved one or friend while you are in isolation. Some of the following ideas might be helpful at this time.
Remember, everyone is different, and we are all isolated in different circumstances right now.

Download the FDANZ COVID-19 Grief Resource and adapt the ideas as you need to.

There are also many organisations that offer help and support for grief and trauma ranging from resources, counselling and support groups. Contact details for these organisations here